1. Intelligent Roofing Shingles for Modern Living

Make a smarter choice with roofing shingles designed for modern living. These intelligent materials not only provide robust protection for your home but also come equipped with smart features. Explore options that embrace technology to enhance performance, durability, and overall efficiency, setting them apart from the rest.

2. Smart Waterproofing Solutions for Seamless Protection

Choose smart waterproofing solutions that redefine seamless protection. Our catalog features products equipped with advanced sensors, ensuring proactive Lava 20 defense against water intrusion. Experience innovations that make waterproofing not just a barrier but a dynamic and intelligent shield for your home.

3. Tech-Savvy Coatings for Sustainable Excellence

Elevate your roof with tech-savvy coatings that embody sustainable excellence. These coatings go beyond conventional protection, integrating smart technologies for energy efficiency and longevity. Make a smarter environmental choice with coatings that outshine the rest in terms of both performance and eco-friendliness.

4. Connected Insulation for Intelligent Climate Control

Opt for connected insulation solutions that bring intelligent climate control to your home. Experience products that can adapt to weather changes, ensuring optimal thermal performance. These insulation options are not just about keeping your home comfortable but are a smarter choice for energy-efficient and responsive living.

5. Innovative Skylights and Ventilation Systems for Intelligent Living Spaces

Transform your living spaces with innovative skylights and ventilation systems designed for intelligent living. These products are equipped with automated features, optimizing natural light and airflow based on real-time data. Choose skylights and ventilation systems that outshine the rest in creating a smart, comfortable, and efficient home environment.


When it comes to roof and waterproofing products, make a smarter choice with options that outshine the rest. From intelligent roofing shingles to smart waterproofing solutions, tech-savvy coatings, connected insulation, and innovative skylights and ventilation systems, these products bring a level of sophistication and efficiency that sets them apart in the world of modern living. Embrace the future of home protection and comfort with choices that make intelligence a priority.