That’s an interesting question isn’t it. Do men like fragrances, and would they like to be given a perfume as a gift?

Most men, I think it’s true to say, like fragrances, or perfumes, worn by their women. But would they like to wear a perfume themselves?

A lot of men do wear perfumes now, even if they’re not aware of it. What is an aftershave for example, but a perfume with another name? It’s just a creed aventus perfume, or smell.

And what about deodorants? They have a fragrance don’t they? So there are many men out there who wear a fragrance and aren’t bothered by it.

But what about giving a male perfume to him as a gift? Well that’s a little different I suppose. Because it’s a perfume, not an aftershave.

But I wear one from time to time, and like it.

So I think that the bottom line is that some men will appreciate a male perfume for a gift, but that it’s the womans job to find out whether her man is one of those who would enjoy it.

Next question. What type of perfume? Now I’m not going to start recommending brand name perfumes, because I don’t know a lot about them, and anyway, a perfume is a personal choice. However if you are going to buy him a fragrance so that you can give him a perfume as a gift you need to start with a cheap perfume. Just to see how he takes it.

After all you don’t want to spend a bomb just to find he’s not interested.

There are plenty of cheap perfumes available, there are lots of places where you can get discounted brand name perfumes at prices that would surprise you, both for mens and for womens perfumes.

So start with a discount perfume for your man, see what his reaction is, and take it from there.