People are fond of wearing colorful gemstones for ornamentation purposes, but gems also have a detailed and significant impact on our existence. They can be used as a talisman to ward off evil, and are also known to be possessed with healing and medicinal capabilities. In many ancient scriptures from around the world, gems are cited to have a definitive effect on our fate and destiny. By infusing us with vital energy and life force, they release the negativity responsible for disease and distraint from our bodies.

Everyone on this planet receives cosmic radiations from planets, which influences all aspect of our existence, including our attitudes, behavior and environment. Opal Gemstones are very often associated with planets, and are adorned to enhance the positive effect of that particular planet, zodiac sign or constellation on our well being. On wearing a gemstone, the cosmic rays of the planet it represents are drawn into our auras in a more significant way, bringing about a positive effect on the chakras governed by those particular colors. This greatly influences our thought process, the vibes that we emit into the environment around us, the way we interact with people and also the way people interact with us. This phenomenon governs how a gemstone is recommended for a person according to the position of planets in his birth chart. If a person receives weak rays from a particular planet at the time of birth, then by use of a gemstone, we can ensure that he is able to get more rays from the same planet into his aura. This brings about more balance in his being and infuses his life with vitality.

The most significant application of gemstones is in Astrology, wherein the gems are known to avert the evil effects of planets and enhance the positivity wielded by constellations. Zodiac rings are adorned in accordance to the time of the year in which a person is born, and there are distinct gemstones that are recommendable to be worn by people born under separate zodiac signs. As an example, if a person is born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, adorning an amethyst gemstone is particularly propitious and yields many positive effects for Aquarians. Similarly, Capricorns can adorn garnet jewelry in form of garnet zodiac rings or pendants, and for a Leo, star ruby or ruby gemstone is the preferred gemstone.

Alternately, Gemstones are very often associated with color therapy and can be used to overcome health conditions or for healing in accordance with the way our bodies react to a particular color. The life force that sustains and nourishes all living beings is said to be comprised of colors, and receiving a proper balance of colored rays of light is detrimental to a person’s health. By helping correct color ray imbalances, gemstones promote deep healing and ensure growth and sustenance. This is made possible as gems substantiate a vivid concentration of energy and remove the obstructions that may occur in the flow of life force in our existence.