Ferret hunting is a relaxing pastime for many ferret owners. Ferrets are known to have been used for hunting as early as in the 6th century BC. This was to eliminate most of the rabbits that caused spreading of the plague in Balearic Islands. Ferrets are good accomplices for hunting wild rabbits and other rodents that live underground or in burrows. This is because of their natural hunting instincts, speed and ability to chase the prey over a long distance

Ferrets use their strong senses to hunt ss198lf down rats, rabbits etc., even underground where they are not well served by their vision. Ferret hunting needs some preparation and advanced planning unless one simply aims to spend the day aimlessly wandering in the shrubs. One would need purse nets, which are nothing but nets fastened to metal rings, used to trap rodents emerging out of burrows.

On the day of hunting, one should feed the ferret decently to ensure it does not eat its own prey to satisfy its hunger. The other disadvantage of keeping the ferret hungry is the fact that after a sumptuous meal, the ferret is likely to fall asleep. This is usually one of the main causes for losing ferrets that fall asleep in the burrows after a successful hunt. After examining all the burrows, in a given region, it is advisable to cover all except one. This will ensure that when the ferret is let free near the opening, it would be attracted by the smell of the rabbit. The prey would hence be driven out through the only exit left. By having a purse net or a trap set up there, the rodent can be captured or even shot at.

One must be careful in shooting a rabbit. A wrong shot would mean all the rabbits would have been scared away by the sheer noise of the shot. Besides, some owners end up accidentally shooting their ferrets that emerge out of the burrow after a hopeless journey underground. Ferret hunting needs lot of patience as it might take a long time before the ferret either catches or drives its prey out of the burrow and one must be prepared for that.