Throughout the centuries, holistic healers have utilized the spiritual and healing properties found in gemstones and crystals. Whether it be to bring about the balance or wellness for themselves and their clients, or as a means of healing ones chakras. However, healing gemstones aren’t just for holistic healers anymore! Many people are beginning to take the power of gemstones within their own hands. But, how do you find the crystals or gemstones that will be appropriate for you?

Finding the appropriate gemstones for your needs might be difficult, however once you begin to understand their history and power; it will be easy to select the right ones. The primary use of Tuerkis gemstones and crystals throughout history has been for healing or spiritual purposes. However, during these times the gems were thought to be rare. Causing them to be available for a select few. Luckily, today they are more readily accessible to everyone who wants them.

There are a few people who are skeptical on the powers of gemstones. However the powers of gemstones and crystals, are even recognized by modern science. You may not know that they are utilized in watches, lasers, computers, and even in potencies. Regardless of this backing of science, they still have yet to prove or dis-prove their ability to promote physical healing in the body.

Gems and crystals all have magnetic powers in varying degrees. Of which many are extremely beneficial for the use of healing on the human form. They are known to emit small vibrations and frequencies, that have a strong potential to affect our being. In many different religions and practices, gems are used for healing, transforming, attuning, and balancing the body mind and soul. Used frequently to activate our own personal abilities to sooth, comfort, heal, and balance ones self in many different aspects.

However, despite the abilities of gemstones; many people still have yet to experience the healing ways of gemstones and crystals. Some of the first steps you will need to know about gems, is how to cleanse them of any past energies.

The gem in question should be cleaned either by leaving them under running water for six to eight hours. Or can also be buried in the earth overnight (rinsing them off afterward of course!). otherwise you can place them over the flame of a candle until it melts. Once you have cleaned your gemstone, it should be placed in direct sunlight for purification; as it is a wonderful source of energy.

Remember, you should wear your stones. They are of little use to you when sitting in a jewelry box. Having a healing gemstone with you at all times, can help to heal both your body mind and spirit; with little to no effort on your part. Simply being in tune with the stone, and allowing it to work it’s energy over your body is enough.

Once you have decided to embark on the quest for knowledge about healing gemstones, you will need to have an open mind and heart. There are many different theories out there about why and how the healing powers of gemstones work; however some can become convoluted and jaded with time. Simply believe in the stones, and allow the energy to work it’s own kind of magic.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of healing stones, or an old soul simply looking for information on a possible new stone. There are many different gemstones or crystals to choose from. Some of the most popular, and not-so well known stones and their abilities are.

* Rose Quarts is one of the most popular gemstones use for healing. It is known for it’s gentle healing energies, used mostly for it’s heart-healing possibilities. It is used to strengthen the heart from physical ailments, all the way to a cure for emotional heartbreak. It is also used as a gift for those who needs to learn how to love themselves.

* Fluorite: another popular stone among the gemstone community. While available in many different colors, it is a stone that can help to guard someone against negativity. In short, this stone will absorb any negative energy near-by and help to keep it at bay. Remember, with stones that are known to absorb negative energies, you will need to cleanse them at least once a week.

* Lapis: a top-dog in the world of gemstones. It is said to help unlock mysteries. Used commonly to help it’s wearer through confusion and emotional blocks.

* Hematite: A grounding stone that is used by many. It’s silver-grey metallic coloration unmistakable for any other gemstone. It is often used as a grounding tool for those who wish to avoid worldly tasks or events by utilizing out of body flight.

* Amethyst: this beautiful purple stone is often times associated with spiritual healing. It is known to help attune its wearer to a higher awareness and knowing.

* Jade: Utilized to teach acceptance through it’s calming energy. It is used to help someone become less critical of themselves and others.

* Turquoise: while used simply for it’s beauty in jewelry. It is a stone that can be used for it’s teaching powers. It is a stone that is frequently used to aid in meditation or dream visions.

* Kyanite: is used by experienced gemstone healers. It is best utilized by wearing it close to the throat chakra. It is used as a focus to facilitate channeling and opening communication centers. Unlike so many other gemstones, this brilliant stone can and will cleanse itself of negative energies.

* Citrine: another front-runner in the world of gemstones. It is a beautiful yellow stone, that will help to manifest your goals. It can help to attract abundance and personal power.

* Obsidian: Is used once more as a grounding or protective agent. It is known to help bring forth the opportunity of change, serenity, and clarity.

* Amazonite: A gemstone that is used to help improve self worth.

* Amber: Used to lift the heaviness of burden. Which will allow happiness a means to enter your life once more.

* Apatite: Another stone that is frequently used to open up communication in your world. It is used when there has been a misunderstanding, and can help to calm any anxiety that has stemmed from a fight.

* Green Aventurine: Is used for physical healing. It is worn over the ailing part of the body.

* Blue Aventurine: Is used to improve circulation of blood.

* Coral: Is used as a foundation for your emotions.

* Diamond: It’s not just a girl’s best friend guys! It is used to help with personal clarity.

* Emerald: is used for physical and emotional healing. It is by far one of the strongest healing gemstones that have been found to date.

* Carnelian: Used as balance and a method to aid in creativity and the mental process.

* Grey Moonstone: Utilized as a focus for others stones, enabling you their energies as well as the moonstone’s energy.

* Moss Agate: Used to get in touch with mother nature herself, also used as a grounding stone in meditation.

* Mexican Onyx: Is used to help insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

* Black opal: This stone will help to focus your body soul and mind.

* Ruby: Often times associated with love and romance. It is used to open up the heart-chakra to allow the feeling of love in.

* Sapphire: A beautiful stone that is known to help mental clarity.

Unfortunately, there are too many stones available to list them all in a small series of articles. To enlighten yourself further on the powers of healing gemstones, and what gems are used for; you may look into purchasing a healing gemstone book. They will help you to further your knowledge of healing gemstones. Which, as you might have already learned is an important step in utilizing their healing powers.