Technology is such that web sites can now be built and posted by all but the most techno phobic! So as a Web Master you have to simply offer more, much more to be different, unique and great value to your customers. But don’t worry, it’s now very easy to do.

We all know that on one of the ‘critical loves’ of the search engines apart from the popular site SEO and relative links, is non-duplicate page content. While SEO and links are or at least should be a webmaster domain, how can you now do what so few other web masters can do for their customers with incredible ease and speed.

What’s more, how can you then deliver a website owners dream and enable that site to generate an income for its owner on auto pilot?

Simply offer them a library of relevant Audio Book content complimenting their web site Niche.

Do you think that you would be offering something different to every other web master out there if you could do that for your customer? And would it be feasible that clients would pay a premium for such an “absolutely unique” service?

Would it also be feasible that if promoted right, you could have a stampede of web site customers to your door who demand something different and were actually happy to pay for that difference?

Well here’s the good news.

You can!


Gain exclusive access to enormous In-Demand niche content for any web site that you build


Simply have your client join or join them on your behalf (Absolutely FREE) as an Affiliate of

By the way… Audio Book content is just that. Books turned into an audio format. And yes, the popularity of audio books is booming with publishing houses across the globe scrambling to have their hard cover books converted to Audio Books.

So how can you use this explosion of portable digital demand for your web clients using audio books?

As an example: You have or are building a web site for a client presenting the ‘normal’ virtues of their business. You as web master, know that among other things content is King for search engines and sites that sell are so much more attractive for the owner than sites that don’t sell.

You also now know that we are on the cusp of a digital revolution in downloadable audio books.

Simply Login into your clients Affiliate Admin Area and after consultation with them, you select the exact titles or category of audio books relevant to their web site. Then simply paste the code generated where instructed and presto.

Upload the pages and the site is ready for orders. (Yes all the required linking to the file extensions that you created during the process is automatically in the code that you have just inserted).

When your clients web site visitors order from the new site that you have created, they automatically receive a minimum 10% of the sale (for doing nothing)! It couldn’t be easier for either you as web master or the web site owner. And an extremely valuable service that it would be fair to say that your client will be more than willing to pay for!

It means that you can offer your clientele a fully e-commerce enabled web site complete with literally loads of non-duplicate and extremely relevant page content and all without a web-coding wizard or having to pay for shopping cart tools or payment systems. It’s all done for you.