The modern world is rapidly adopting mobile technology and text messaging is gaining momentum at a very high pace. Your local competitors are catching on to this fact, and hopefully you are as well. Many companies, small and large, are starting to implement text message marketing campaigns in their businesses. If you share customers with some of your local competitors, you could be missing out on sales if they are running a Text Enable Landline marketing campaign and you are not.

This powerful form of digital marketing allows you to remind your customers that you exist simply by sending them an occasional text message. These messages can be coupons, special offers, or any other information you want them to have.

As long as the information is valuable in the eyes of your target market, then the messages will be well-accepted and effective for your business. If you choose to ignore this marketing stream, you take the chance of letting your competitors, who are using it, to steal your business. Mobile phones have long since moved from being luxury items to being basic necessities in our lives. They have become a “must-have” in our everyday activities. Therefore, Text Message marketing is a direct marketing strategy that puts you in touch with your customers immediately.

Having a slow day and want to get an influx of sales? Send a text message to your customers offering them a limited-time discount.

Not only will this remind them that you exist, but many of them will act on your request.

All they have to do is come into your establishment and show your staff the text message in order to redeem it, which is convenient for them.

Long gone are the days when consumers have to remember to take a coupon with them to redeem offers; they will always have your mobile offers right in their pockets.

Text message marketing also helps you create a healthy customer-business relationship without going overboard with the budget. By sending short messages to your customers, you can build trust and credibility while giving them that personal touch that they crave.

Getting Repeat Local Customers with Text Message Marketing

The secret to success for just about any business is having happy, satisfied customers who will keep the sales flowing. However, if your customers are not impressed by the services or products you offer, they will move on to your competitor without a second thought.

Small businesses, unlike the large corporations, have a limited numbers of customers, so they have to work harder to keep them coming back. SMS Text Message marketing is a simple, yet effective method to help you do just that.

Text messaging marketing is viewed by some as just a way to generate quick sales, which is a huge misconception. The main reason small businesses should use this type of marketing is not only to get instant sales from it; it should also be used as a means to keep customers engaged, updated, and informed in a way that makes them want to do business with you over and over again.

All you need to in order to get your campaign rolling is your customers’ mobile phone numbers. SMS (Short Message Services) services allow you to send a single message to multiple recipients at a very low cost; boosting your ROI through the roof.

This strategy is an indirect way to takes your sales to a different level.

Small-scale businesses mostly offer their services and goods to people living in their local area and text messaging is a very effective way of reaching out to them.