Old dogs keep getting older but we can still function with the new car detailing tips. A friend of mine recently called me a bit excited about a waterless car wash and polish product. I decided to join him and another fellow for lunch a couple of days later to see this new car pro Window Tinting Near Me twist.

Streaky windows that don’t get clean, water spots that don’t come out unless a serious wax job takes place used to be the normal. There was recently a time that no matter what I did I couldn’t even get my windows clean. Now like many people I’d go to a car wash more often than not as I didn’t want to fool with all the nonsense.

After a simple demo, the days of wash and polish, tire-n-trim, metal polish, clear coat rival, leather cleaner and the ole ice pad took on a totally different meaning. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My car washing and polishing routine has changed forever.

Pads, hose, bucket, window cleaner, soap and water, wax, towels and rags are for the most part a thing of the past. The cleanliness of this new process is absolutely outstanding. No muss or fuss, simple and easy to do and in minutes instead of hours as well.

You finish up with a great looking vehicle from washing and polishing without using anything of the past. I still after many weeks can’t believe it when I look at my car. My son bought me a short handled little car dusting brush that is inside the car on floor in the back. Every couple of days I do a little dusting, and that’s it. For me, car detailing has taken on a whole different meaning.

Car Detailing Tips – Cleaning Your Floor Mats
One of the most abused places in a car (like in most places where there are people) is obviously the floor area. In a car, the floor is usually covered by floor mats. Likewise, these mats are the parts that collect the most dirt and thereby needs frequent and regular cleaning.

For car owners, cleaning these floor covering devices can sometimes becomes a bore. The chore is also aggravated especially with some types of dirt that can be hard and stubborn to remove. For new car owners who want to do their own cleaning, what should one do? How should it be done?

Regular cleaning
Floor mats in cars come in different materials – fabric, plastic, or rubberized molded materials. These man-made synthetic materials have become popular among practical car owners who do their own car detailing and cleaning. The main reason is ease of washing and cleaning. Even drying these mats is not a problem. For a really immediate use, you can manually wipe off the water in a matter of minutes and they are ready for use. Floor mats with hard-to-remove stains and discoloration as well as those made of fabrics or a combination of synthetic and natural materials have their own methods of cleaning.

Washing fabric-based mats
Like the floor mats made of synthetic or man-made materials (plastic, rubber), mats made of natural fabrics have to be handled differently. The first step is to physically remove the mats and bring them out of the vehicle. Thoroughly vacuum the car’s floor (carpeted and otherwise) to remove grits, sand particles and dust that accumulated inside the car. Next, fill up a large container (big garbage cans, bath tub, big plastic containers, etc) with water.

Add enough non-chlorine liquid laundry detergent to the water. Without using your hands, stir the mix to make sure the detergent’s density in the water is uniform.