There are two reasons why exotic lingerie exists, one is to turn your man on a lot, and the other is to have a giggle with your mates at a Supermodel Lingerie Bikini party, or whatever lingerie party it is, that you are invited to.

Most of us don’t have the nerve to walk into a shop and ask to look at open bust lingerie or French maid lingerie, and we feel much more comfortable laughing at the prospect (and hiding our true feelings) at a Supermodel Lingerie Bikini party. If we have been brave enough to try it, it is not something we like to shout about, but we should and a Party Lingerie Dresses is the perfect place to shout about it, and buy new wares.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty then; we all have fantasies about dressing up and looking really sexy for our man. Believe me, your man thinks about you getting dressed in really sexy lingerie too, not wearing it themselves – not in my world anyway!

Exotic lingerie is designed to get the man stimulated, this is a fact that many lingerie companies count on, and make a lot of money from and why lingerie creations like bare transparent lingerie, or sheer risque lingerie were created to leave little to the imagination and stimulate the senses (and more)!

Don’t let the thought that whatever lingerie you are considering buying is trashy, (something that really doesn’t leave much to the imagination at all, like open bust lingerie), or too erotic, like French Maid lingerie (but be careful where you put that duster)! There is really little difference between trashy and erotic, so don’t be afraid to experiment, your man won’t mind in the slightest!

Another important sensation in lingerie is the choice of fabric, this really does add to the mix, in choosing your exotic lingerie. We all pretty much love the feel of satins and silks, but now have the chance to experiment with leathers, plastics and velvet too. It really comes down to what you and your partner feel is sexy, and what it feels like. The last thing it is about is comfort, but you probably won’t be wearing it for very long!

So why not just go for it, pick out some saucy open bust lingerie, or that itsy bitsy French Maid lingerie, with suspenders as well. Even if you never leave the house with it on, I’m sure it will become well worn, and keep your man happy!

If you stay indoors, you can create you own versions of Moulin Rouge or a strip club. Alternatively you might decide to go out, it might a new hot date you want to impress. So go out wearing your exotic lingerie, and you can decide if you want to drop hints as to what you are wearing or wait until the end of the evening, strip and enjoy the look of ‘wow’ on you date’s face!

Whatever you decide, a lot of fun is in store for you and it might just become a habit! So expect to get hooked on buying sheer risque lingerie and open bust lingerie, and be warned your man might also choose to buy you some sexy lingerie too!