Sunglasses and bifocals are quite mature products in nowadays glasses market. Sunglasses are popularly used to protect eyes from harmful UV rays and bifocals are mainly used for correcting both the nearsighted and presbyopic eyesight. But when comes to the sunglasses bifocal, what does that mean? It is easy to understand from the literal sense which means this kind of sunglasses have the function of both eye protection and myopia and presbyopia correction, quite helpful for the old people. How wonderful it is! The more encouraging thing is that the designers make efforts to design different species of bifocal sunglasses to satisfy different demands, like the bifocal sunglasses for reading, HD bifocal sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses for sports, and so on.

Bifocal sunglasses for reading aim to help people to read safely and clearly, especially designed for those who like to read in the sunshine. This kind of sunglasses is effective to block the harmful rays and radiation out of eyes square sunglasses , simultaneously keeping the reader feels like there are not any sunglasses in front of them at all. To some degree, sunglasses bifocal for reading can magnify the words for the great improvement of the reading quality.

HD bifocal sunglasses are characterized by providing more clear and larger vision than any other sunglasses bifocal, especially useful for those who need refined craftsman work in the sunshine or in tough sunshine environment. This kind of sunglasses is helpful to filter out the harmful rays and glare as well and meanwhile enhance the color. When you wear the HD bifocal sunglasses you feel like the words are so clear that as if you wear two glasses. They are quite suitable for reading by the beach or pool. When compared with the bifocal reader sunglasses, they are more professional.

Bifocal sunglasses for sports can also be called advanced bifocal sunglasses, which are designed for specific sports needs, like surfing, fishing, golfing, rocking, tennis, and so on. They are widely used by sportsmen for better protecting their eyes and improving their performance. These special sunglasses bifocal are welcome by the athletes very much, because they can enhance the key parts in the sports. So the sunglasses here are quite unique, they are only suitable for the corresponding activity and you should not misuse them or the result will be the opposite. Thanks to this kind of sunglasses, people with both myopia and presbyopia vision can enjoy any sports activities.

The common point is all of the sunglasses bifocal above are polarized sunglasses, which means the sunglasses lenses are polarized, so they can filter out the harmful rays and glares effectively, only allowing the useful rays to go through. It is a great invention changing the whole sunglasses industry, after that people can produce any kind of special sunglasses and filter out any kind of sunlight rays as they like. That is why there are so many sunglasses bifocal for special use in today’s world market.